Introduction of Smoke Rod in Electronic Cigarette

Visits:93 Date:2019-07-14

  The internal structure of the smoke pole uses the same basic components: a lamp PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, and various electronic circuits.

  Most electronic cigarettes use lithium ion and secondary battery power components. The battery life depends on the type and size of the battery, the number of times it is used and the operating environment. And many different types of battery chargers are available, such as socket charger, car charger, USB interface charger. Batteries are the largest component of electronic cigarettes.

  Some electronic cigarettes use an electronic airflow sensor to activate the heating element, which makes the battery circuit work as soon as it inhales. Manual sensing requires the user to press a button and then smoke. Pneumatic is easy to use, manual circuit is relatively stable than pneumatic, smoke output is better than pneumatic. With the development of hardware and software, some manufacturers began to develop automatic mechanical manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, to eliminate the use of manual wiring, welding or electronic, in order to achieve higher safety and reliability.