What is the principle of electronic cigarette?

Visits:80 Date:2019-07-14

  The latest hot new trend toy - Electronic cigarettes, it is estimated that everyone has heard about it. I also recently heard about electronic cigarettes, but in fact, electronic cigarettes in foreign countries have long become a fashion trend in young people's circles essential goods!

  It is estimated that after hearing about electronic cigarettes, there are more or less doubts in our hearts: how do the smoke and aroma of electronic cigarettes come from? Can electronic cigarettes really stop smoking? Next, let me give you some science popularization!

  Electronic cigarette is an electronic product that imitates cigarettes. It has the same appearance, smoke, taste and sensation as cigarettes. It is a product that makes users smoke after changing nicotine into steam by means of atomization. Electronic cigarette simulates real cigarette taste, smoke and other factors, but in fact, the smoke generated by electronic cigarette is essentially water vapor, without any harm to human body.

  At the same time, electronic cigarettes can help you to avoid the harm of tobacco. By simulating the real smoking and throughput process, you can not only feel the same pleasure of smoking as traditional cigarettes, but also slowly reduce the addiction to cigarettes, replace cigarettes healthily, meet the physiological and psychological needs of smokers who quit smoking, so that smokers gradually get rid of cigarettes. Dependence.