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Disposable Vape

Disposable Vape

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About Us

The Target of IVTOP We try to make big smoke vape more funny and Let more people use ivtop big smoke vape to produce all kinds of pos easily. Ivtop disposable vape pens make life more convenient. No matter healthy or not, we like vape.

IVTOP constantly improves the quality of the vape products, So their products are welcomed by most of the user. As a High-tech vape manufacturer, all of our products has passed CE, RoHS, FCC certifications. Most of our factory leaders have ISO9001 quality system certifications. Now we are pending more quality certifications for different markets. W···

IVTOP is a world brand, He does not only earn profit, but also service social. There are so many people who need help from social. We just hope be one of the people who can help them. So we always visit orphanage, the place where disaster occurred to provide what we can do. We all hope the world is peace , people happy life.

IVTOP has its own factory in Shenzhen China. He has its own stronger design and research team for new product. It owns all kinds of testing machines for the quality of every product. Though we can’t reach 100%, we can make sure 99.9% good product. We are also a kindly manufacturer, So we have many friends, So no matter how many order you placed, We···


Vape Manufacturer

What IVTOP Clients Are Saying…

"This company quickly responded to us; from the creation of 3D renderings to the production of display samples, we only spent two days. Due to the very tight time, they worked overtime to help us complete the production in one week. The perfect display successfully promoted The introduction of e-cigarettes is good and will maintain this kind of good business relationship."

AnglebabyBrand Manager


This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. You have to make sure that your age is 21 or older, then you can browse this website further. Otherwise, please leave and close this page immediately!